Wednesday, October 22, 2008


You are still checking the blog? I guess that means I'm obligated to continue writing! Nothing too exciting going on, just a small update today.

Emma continues to talk more and more english each day, especially this last couple of weeks...seems like everything just seemed to click in her head and she just started speaking in sentences. She's discovered the power of the words "Can I have a....." She realizes all she has to do is add what she wants to the end of that sentence and she usually gets it. So I hear a lot of "Can I have a water? Can I have a toys? Can I have a help?" Not perfect grammar...but she gets the idea! She also has some funny little phrases that make me laugh. My favorite is "just a bittle." (just a bit OR just a little...she just likes to combine the two!) It's also cute when she gets words mixed up. Today she was trying to tell me to smile and she said "mama, sneeze!" Even though she hasn't got it all down, communication in our household has gotten a lot better. Emma pretty much understands everything we say and she can usually put together enough words for us to understand what she is saying.

That being said, Emma thinks now that she can speak the language she can tell people what to do. That doesn't fly very well with mom and dad and we have to keep reminding her that we're the parents and she's the kid. We're really enforcing "listening" which she completely comprehends. She knows if she doesn't listen, there will be a consequence. Unfortunately, her new attitude is getting her into some trouble at school. Teacher told me today that Emma likes to try and run the classroom and isn't taking instruction very well anymore. When she tries to discipline Emma in some way, Emma cries...which seems to get all the grade ones in a tizzy. Seems teacher has her hands full. Not much I can do, being they won't allow me in the classroom. All I can do is offer my sympathy and remind her to stick to her guns and not let Emma get away with anything.

As far as learning goes, Emma is improving. I get quite discouraged sometimes when I see kids her age or younger doing such simple things that Emma can't seem to wrap her mind around. I have to constantly remind myself of where she was only two and a half months ago, and what she can do now. There has been a huge improvement, it's just that she was so behind. Really it's like starting with an infant who is seven years old. Emma can count to 29 on a good day (apparently after that comes twenty-ten, then twenty-eleven, etc!) ABC's are no problem (even L-M-N-O!) Her problem solving skills are improving (puzzles, block patterns, etc) When we first met her, all she could draw was a squiggle. Now she is starting to draw stick men, shapes and can almost write her name. Recognition seems to be our biggest problem, but she is starting to know a few shapes and numbers. We know the ability is there and we continually work with Emma to help her improve.

Emma is sleeping alot better at night (I type this as I hear her chattering to herself in bed!) Well, alot better for the most part! Bedwetting is very rare and there isn't as much sneaking out in the middle of the night as there used to be. I think the fact that it gets dark earlier helps. I also think she is starting to realize that her toys will still be there in the morning. Every once in awhile she'll still sneak an odd thing under her pillow. My favorites have been her slippers and a dish towel!

Well, that's all for now. All boring stuff, but you are still reading it, so you must find it interesting!

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