Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blood Tests

After seeing the adoption specialist, she gave us a pile of tests that need to be done on Emma. There were several requisitions for bloodwork, so I informed Terry that he would be coming with me this time. I know since we've been to the lab before, Emma would put up a huge fuss because she would know what's coming this time. But I had a plan....I also had to get bloodwork done. Terry suggested that I go first so Emma could see that it didn't hurt. "Oh no," I said, "Let me go after Emma and watch what happens." You see, mama has learned the power of distraction!!

So, we throw Emma on Terry's lap and try to get her to stick out her arm. As I suspected, it wasn't just wimpering this was an all out brawl! The lab tech immediately shut the door as Emma started screaming. She refused to stick her arm out and started kicking and trying to wriggle out of Terry's grasp. So Terry firmly wrapped his arms around her as one of the nurses forced Emma's arm down so the other could draw her blood. Unfortunately, they had to take five vials of blood and Emma screamed the whole time. When all was said and done, she decided to throw herself on the ground and have a little tantrum. That's when my plan kicked in. Over the screaming and wailing, I loudly say "mama's turn!" and walk over to the lab chair. IMMEDIATELY Emma stopped crying and watched as I sat down and the nurse prepped my arm for the blood test. She ran to my side and grabbed my hand and said, "Mama, don't cry!" It worked! She was completely mesmorised as they drew my blood and stroked my arm the whole time. Afterward, she and I happily picked out some stickers and all was well in the world again! :)

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