Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!

This past Thursday was a very big day for us...Emma's first birthday in Canada. She turned seven. When she woke up that morning I told her "It's your birthday, Emma....Happy Birthday!" She looked at me like "huh?" She may not have understood that, but she did understand when I told her after school she would get a treat and a present. That morning her Auntie called and sang her happy birthday over the phone. Once again Emma gave me that "you Canadians are crazy" kinda look. But, by the end of the school day, she came bursting out the doors singing "Happy birthday to You!!!" Obviously the kids were singing it to her. She also came home loaded with some treats and prizes she had got at school. She knew she was beginning to like this birthday thing!

That night, we had a small celebration with just Terry, Emma and I. After supper, we gave her a twinkie with a candle in it and let her open our present. She LOVES baby stuff, so we bought her twin baby dolls with a stoller, swing and bassinet. She went absolutely crazy. It was almost unbearable for her to watch as Terry and I tried to put together the most complicated of toys ever. We'll know better for next year....assemble before wrapping!!!

Her big party was yesterday (Saturday) We rented a great big jumpy thing with a slide (see pics below) to keep Emma and her cousins occupied during the day. Despite the chilly fall weather, the kids had a blast. In fact, by mid afternoon, many of the neighborhood kids came to play. It was a hit! Playtime was followed by some greasy fast food chicken for Emma and the family (yum!) and a "Cars" cake. Emma's a girly-girl, but she also loves her cars! She couldn't wait to blow out the candles so she could take the car off. After that, it was present about wild!! This was the most stuff Emma had ever gotten at once and it was a little overwhelming to say the least. We made sure to tell her who each present was from so she could say thank you and give hugs. Emma didn't quite seem to think the thank you part and hugging was as much fun as opening presents, so she unfortunately had to have a time out in the middle of present opening. I think many of our guests were shocked and maybe a little appalled at what we did. Thankfully, Terry and I were on the same page. We know Emma best and we try to handle these situations as best as possible.

Aside from that, I'd say Emma had a pretty good day!

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