Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday Fun

Previously I've mentioned how Emma hates getting her picture taken. Everytime we tried to take a picture, we would have to sneak out the camera and try to get a shot of her. If she had any inkling that we had the camera in our hands, there would be no sign of her. We're not too sure why that is. Maybe because the orphanage took regular photos and it wasn't very pleasant? Who knows! Anyway, things have sure changed in that department. Now if we dress Emma up or dress her dolls up, she asks us to get the camera and take a picture. She'll even put on shows for us so we can video her. This was absolutely unheard of before! It's nice, though, that I can actually get a decent picture of our cutie's face now! Oh ya! And she poses too!! Quite a character we have on our hands!

Emma loves church. It's one of her favorite places to go. Everytime we pull into the parking lot, she claps with joy and shouts "yes, mama, yes!" She loves the loud music that is played. Everytime our pastor asks us to stand up for worship, Emma races down the center aisle and yells "standin up everyone!" She then takes her place at the very front of the church where she claps, raises her hands and dances to the music. And if she knows the words to the song, she'll sing them at the top of her lungs. Thankfully the music is loud enough to drown her out. And members of our congregation find her more an encouragement than a distraction. They are all happy to see Emma so joyful and excited. I snuck our camera into church yesterday to take pictures during worship (Bad Tara!!!) I just had to though! Unfortunately, I couldn't use the flash and the lighting was awful, so the pictures aren't very nice...but you can get an idea of how church goes for Emma......

After church yesterday, we decided to take Emma to West Edmonton Mall's Galaxyland for some fun. We played in the children's playplace most of the time (Talk about wearing mama and papa out!) Then we thought it might be fun to take Emma on a ride. I've always been a little leery of doing this. Once I put Emma on the teeter totter at the park and she completely freaked. Galaxyland has three rollercoasters...small, medium and large. Terry wanted to take Emma on the medium one. I insisted we start on the small one and work our way up. Before the ride started I asked Emma if she was scared and she said no...and she wasn't kidding. Once that rollercoaster started going, she had both her hands in the air and was squealing with delight...probably the most exciting thirty seconds she's ever had! :) We decided next time we go, we will purchase all day passes and try Emma on all the rides. I think she'll have a blast!

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