Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Concert

Yesterday was Emma's Christmas concert at school. She had an afternoon and an evening performance. I took my dad and Terry's sisters and brother-in-law to the afternoon performance. Emma did a fantastic job and I bawled through the whole thing....people must think I'm crazy! Although, I wasn't the only one shedding tears! My sisters were bawling right along with me (sorry to drag you in guys!) Anyways, I was beaming as she waved and blew me kisses...proud mommy I am!

After school, Emma's Auntie Jo came to watch her open her Christmas present...a trunk full of princess costumes. She went nuts! It was a perfect gift for her. She excitedly tried each one on right after the other (I wish she could change that fast in the mornings!) We let her pick her favorite one and wear it for awhile. Then we had to get her to change into her pyjamas (that was her costume for the Christmas concert) She put up quite a fuss because she didn't want to take her princess costume off. We explained to her that she had to go back to school to do her Christmas concert again so daddy could see it. This did not sit well and she said, "but I did it already!!" I don't like the attitude, but I love the sentences she's putting together!

At the evening performance, she spotted us right away. As she was walking across the stage, she blew a kiss and said "I love you daddy!" The entire place was filled with a resounding, "AWWWWWWWWWWW!" That's our girl!....cutest one there!

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