Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year!

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I know everyone wants to know how Emma's first Christmas went. It's been hard to find blog time since she's not in school. I've been enjoying spending some time with her over the last couple of weeks!

Our Christmas was great. We've been waiting a few years to celebrate Christmas with a little almost didn't seem real. We spent some time visiting with family which was alot of fun, but my favorite time was Christmas morning with just Terry, Emma and I. Santa didn't go all crazy with gifts this year, which suited Emma just fine. She is quite appreciative of anything she gets (which is exact opposite of how she was when she arrived home not even five months's amazing how her disposition has changed!). She seemed to enjoy the little things much more than the bigger gifts Santa brought her. I just loved seeing her reaction when she pulled each little thing from her stocking:

I also added one more video below. I thought it was so cute because she proudly held up the box before she even knew what was in it!

Another thing I enjoyed this Christmas is watching Emma give out gifts. She is just as excited to see someone open a gift as she is to open one herself! She got a camera from my brother's family, and she was sure to make Terry and I hold up each of our gifts after opening to she could capture the moment on her camera!

As we do every year, we took our tree and decorations down on boxing day. It's quite a bit of work, but it feels good to get the house back to normal. Emma was a little disappointed to see the tree go. After taking the tree down, whenever she would see someone, she would say, "Christmas all done. Tree is in the stairs." (Translation: tree is downstairs) After church on Sunday, Emma was given a candy cane. She was very excited and wanted to get home to put it on the tree. Terry and I had to giggle. Obviously she had forgotten the tree was taken down. When we got home from church, Emma raced into the house with her candy cane in hand. When she got into the living room and realized what was going on, she exclaimed, "We don't have a tree anymore!" at which point she insisted we bring the tree from downstairs so she could hang her candy cane on it! Sorry kid...your just gonna have to eat it! :)

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