Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hair to There!

I've been amazed as I've followed other people's blogs to see their before and after pictures of children that have been adopted. Usually within a matter of months, the child doesn't even look remotely the same. Usually the children are undernourished and look sickly when adopted, but with a little TLC the changes are amazing.

This hasn't been the case with Emma. When we got her in July, despite the not-so-nice condition of the orphanage, she appeared to be relatively healthy. Her height and weight were right on track for her age. Since home, she has gained a few pounds and grown about 5cm, but this has not changed her overall appearance.

However, we have seen a huge change in her hair. I didn't realize it until I was looking at some pictures the other day. It's been almost four months, and it looks to me like her hair is about four inches longer! And since being home, she had a haircut where at least an inch was taken off. And talk about thick! This child has amazing hair!

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