Monday, August 18, 2008

Small Successes

We are happy to say potty training is going alot smoother than planned. In fact, our last accident was in Ukraine the third night we had Emma. Since we've been home, she's either been going on her own or telling me (well-not really telling me, but calling "mama" and doing the peepee dance) That's ok. I'll take that. She even told me when she was in the tub a couple of days ago. I was impressed she didn't let it go in the bathwater. As far as night time goes, we have been getting her up once a night to go pee until a couple of nights ago. We decided to let her sleep through the night just to see what would happen. Two pee! In fact, last night she went to bed at 8 and then slept till 8 this morning and everything was good. I guess one bonus about adopting a six year old is we get to sleep through the night.

Another good thing is a couple of days ago, Emma started referring to herself as "Emma." Before that, she would refer to herself as "Girzheva" (her previous last name) or "oo-ya" (her way of saying Yuliya) Now when she sees a picture of herself she says "Emma Carter." I'm quite happy about that...I was hoping she would have her name figured out before school started!!

Speaking of school....ugh!! I just don't know what to do. I called our school division today, hoping they would give me some guidance. I explained the situation with Emma and how she may need some extra attention and was asking which school in our city would have the best program for her. The response I got was "pick the school nearest to you and throw her in grade 1." Not quite the response I was looking for. Now it's a matter of waiting till next week when the schools are staffed and phoning each one individually to see what they can offer. Not my idea of fun. :(


  1. Well, for anyone interested in hearing about Emma's friend David's life in Kindergarten in South Carolina...David loves being at school. He wanted to go there when we passed by over the weekend. He had only visited for a short while, but he was ready to go again! He has been very excited to strap on his Spiderman bookbag and go to "SCHOOLAH". Well no wonder. They have many cool things in his classroom like a fire alarm!!!!! Yes, his 2nd day of Kindergarten, he pulled the fire alarm and hundreds of kids and teachers evacuated the building. It wasn't until later that they realized which class had an activated alarm and which child had tried out the red handle near the light switch! And the United flight attendants thought they had it bad with him pushing the call button on his armrest!

  2. OH, she is adorable! I am so glad you made it home after your long stay in Ukraine. It was so nice to meet you guys there. Reading your posts sounds very familiar. Lots of similarities with the rule testing and not knowing when to be firm and when to let it go.

    We are in the same boat for school. The district is being ridiculous about testing them for ESL placement, etc. The lady asked me, "How will we test them if they don't speak English?" Um, how do you normal test for ESL placement?

    Does Emma speak Russian or Ukrainian? Our speak Russian. Sophie's language is coming along very well since she got to spend the extra time with me in Ukraine. Also, hang in there. Things we thought would be a big deal often disappeared. We still have our moments, but the kids are doing wonderfully and we are holding up pretty well ourselves. ;)

    :) Krista

  3. Congrats to you guys - your daughter is beautiful.

    We adopted a 5 1/2 year old son (he turned 6 in May) from Mariupol, Donetsk in December. Just keep going and know that things will get better & better. Some days are rough, some days are rosey, but all days are a gift from God!

    Congrats to the happy family!
    (goingtoua on frua)