Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Prior to today's lovely snowstorm, our Alberta weather was looking pretty sweet. Our five foot snow drifts disappeared in a matter of days...it was wonderful.

This quick change in weather posed a problem to me..... What do I do? Send the kid to school in snowpants to keep her pants clean underneath, despite the extremely warm temperatures? Or send her with no snowpants, knowing that she will get soaking wet and dirty in the mudhole they call " the playground?"

Being a new mom and not knowing what to do, I took my query to Teacher. She informed me that the well-seasoned moms were not putting their kids in snowpants, but sending an extra pair of pants to school for the kids to change in to after recess. Ahhhh! Why didn't I think of that?

The next day I explained to Emma what the extra pair of pants in her backpack was for. I told her that if she is dirty after recess to come change into the clean pants provided. She understood completely....

Unfortunately, I forgot to mention the most important thing....change in the bathroom! I thought of this after I had dropped Emma off at school..... DOH!

Needless to say, when I picked up Emma after school and saw Teacher walking toward me, I knew what was coming. She informed me of a little "incident" that happened after recess. Emma ran straight for her locker (in the classroom), pulled out her clean pair of pants and proceeded to undress in front of all the kids. I wasn't surprised. Even though Emma and I frequently talk about what's "private," I had a feelng she would forget at school. Who can blame a kid who shared a room in an orphanage with seven other kids (all boys, no less) who all slept in just their underwear?

So, once again I had a talk with Emma in front of Teacher. (I'm getting quite used to this.) I wasn't upset with her, but just reminded her about what we talked about at home and to use a bathroom stall the next time she changes her clothes at school. I was a little upset with Teacher, who never seems to be around when "incidents" happen. Like, hello? My kid wasn't born and raised in Canada, she has suffered much grief and trauma in her life and has only had some stability for about eight months now (if you can call leaving everything you know and starting a brand new life in a new country with a new language stable!) Maybe keep an eye on her a little bit more!

Sorry, that's my rant for the day. I know teachers have difficult jobs and Emma's not the only student in her class. I apologize if I've offended anyone. My frustration is not over the incident itself. In fact, I didn't think it was a big deal. My frustration was hearing all the kids laughing and snickering about it as Teacher barked at them that it was none of their business. I am thankful that six year olds aren't as cruel as sixteen year olds, but the fact is they can still be cruel. I was also thankful this happened right before a four day weekend. Hopefully those little six year old minds will forget what happened last week and leave my little Emma alone.

Just a short post today. Sorry, I know I've been slacking in this area. I have lots to catch up on, just not the time to do it yet. I've even had someone call me and lodge a complaint regarding my lack of posts....it's coming.... soon! (I hope!)

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  1. Ah Tara, you guys are doing an amazing job on a sweet little girl and she will look back and perhaps remember things like this, and just be so, sooooo thankful that you all came into her life the way you did. God bless you!!!!