Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Day #2

Today was Emma's first official "full day" of school. We pumped her up last night by telling her "Zafdra (tomorrow) Emma Schoolah," to which she would reply "da." (yes) So she knew what was coming today. Against the advice of the school, I packed Emma a lunch rather than bringing her home. I decided it would be better to have her socialize and get to know the kids than come home with me at lunch. And I certainly don't want to be picking her up once the snow comes and we hit minus thirty! So...I thought we'd give it a shot. Emma was quite excited when she saw all the yummy stuff I had on the counter as I was packing her lunch bag. I explained to her that it was for her to eat at schoolah. I don't think she really understood, though, as she had a mini-tantrum as I made her put everything in the lunch bag. This made getting her ready difficult this morning, as she doesn't like to cooperate when she doesn't get her way. We managed...and I got her to school in the nick of time!

When we got to the school, Emma immediately took off her outdoor shoes to trade for indoor shoes. I let her run ahead so I could see what she would do. Well, she ran straight to her locker (she knew which one it was) put her jacket and bag away, came and gave me a hug and kiss, ran to her desk and yelled "bye, mama!" Quite a change from yesterday. I knew at that moment that packing her lunch was the right thing to do! I was elated that she was excited to be there, but it's a bittersweet feeling having a "day off" from being mom. Most people get to enjoy and spend time with their kids for four years before putting them in school. I only got a month. :( I remember thinking to myself four weeks ago..."thank goodness she'll be in school right away." How things change when you get attached to those little buggers!

I decided since it was my first "day off" that I would go shopping. I had some gift cards from Emma's shower that I've been itching to spend. I had a good time. It's definately different going through the mall looking for clothes for my daughter, rather than shopping for work clothes. I really enjoyed it. After shopping, I came home to have a quick nap before picking up Emma from school. Finally, I could nap in peace...ahhhhh!!!!!

When I got to the school, I found out nobody is actually allowed in the school, so I had to wait outside of Emma's bootroom. When the bell rang, I looked to and fro among the mass of kids to find Emma. Didn't take long...I could hear her calling for mama. She came out a bundle of happiness saying "mama...machina car...go see Tifa and Anson outside go poop!" (hilarious!) So off we went. When we got home, she excitedly told me all about her day. It was a good twenty minutes of talking a mile a minute and I only caught about 5 words that I understood. It was great to see her excitement, though, and all her gestures are so cute! I know for sure they must have done the chicken dance today because she was doing the actions for it. When I asked her if she did the chicken dance she yelled "Da...CHICKEN POOP!" A few days ago, I called her chicky-poo, and now whenever she hears the word chicken, she yells "chicken poop." Great...I bet the teachers LOVE that! :):)

All night tonight Emma kept saying, "Zafdra, Emma go to schoolah!" I'm glad she's looking forward to it!

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