Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Home One Month

Talk about time going by so fast!!! This past month was a blur, while the two months previous to that seemed like an eternity!!

The joy of being back home in Canada has not worn off yet. I'm still in love with my washer and dryer. I quite enjoy cooking meals and cleaning house. I am quite elated when we are out somewhere and Emma has to go pee, we can always find a washroom within minutes...and all the washrooms have toilets!

I lost about seven pounds while we were in Ukraine. I haven't stepped on a scale since the day we got home because I'm sure I've gained twice the weight since then! Every time we eat something that we haven't had since we've been home, it's like I'm trying it again for the very first time! My tastebuds have done many happy dances! I especially enjoyed my first hot wings, pizza and ice cream. Yum!

I am happy to say that we are quite enjoying being parents to Emma. I can't believe the changes we've seen in one month. In fact, I'll be quite honest...when we got home with Emma I was a little concerned about what we had gotten ourselves into. The jet-lag, the stress of everything that had to be taken care of when we got home along with a six year old with an attitude really took it's toll on me. Never in a million years did I think things would settle down in one month. We see Emma's behavioural issues less and less as she gets more comfortable with us. Sometimes I need to just step back and think of how stressful this is for her. She's not the only one dealing with huge changes in her life. And we chose this life for her, she didn't. Even though it's obvious to any adult that this life is much better, you never know what's going on in a little one's mind. There may be things she misses terribly. And not being able to express her frustration in words that we can understand has to be so hard. Remembering these things has really softened my heart towards her and gives me patience during the trying times. And, fortunately, there are many more good times than trying times. It brings such joy to my heart when she wraps her little arms around me and says "I love you, mama!" :)

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