Thursday, July 10, 2008

FINALLY.....some good news!

Sorry it's been so long since our last post. We finally found an internet cafe today. I know you are all eager to hear our news....

We were very anxious on our trip to a little town in the Sumy region...sorry I don't know the name of the town. I can barely say it, let alone spell it. The difference between this town and all the other places we've been in Ukraine are like night and day. The people here are much more friendly and willing to help, but living conditions here are as Terry would put it...worse than camping. But we have to suck it up, cause we're gonna be here for quite a while!!

When we first got here, we met with the orphanage inspector and director. They were both so kind and so excited to meet prospective parents. They are very happy to see the children get placed in families...even foreign ones. We then travelled out to the orphanage which is about half an hour from where we are staying. It is out in the middle of nowhere. It is only 25 km away, but it takes forever to get there, as the roads are absolutely awful. Anyway, things at this orphanage are very laid back compared to the last one. We had a similar meeting with the doctor and social worker, but after that, we went outside to where all the children were to meet our Emma. All the kids were playing in the park. As soon as we walked up, they were all latching onto us. They are all so sweet...I wish we could take all of them home. The director pointed to our little girl....she was sitting with a bunch of kids on the bench. I can't even explain the feeling when we saw her and her shy, smiling face. We knew immediately that she was was love at first sight. I tried to hold back the tears as our facilitator coaxed her to come see us. All those little kids were probably wondering who this blubbering lady is!!! So, needless to say, we are proceeding with the adoption. We can not publicly post this little girl's name until she is legally ours, so we will just call her "Emma" because that's what we will change her name to. She is much older than we had expected...she is 6. We know it will be difficult with the language barrier and she is very behind in her learning, but physically she is very healthy and she is absolutely beautiful. Blonde hair, blue eyes...she fits right in with our family.

The last couple of days have been crazy! Emma had to be taken to Kiev for a physical examination for the Canadian embassy. So Terry left with "H", Emma and a caregiver from the orphanage. I had to stay behind. Let me tell you, I was not exactly thrilled when I found out about this. We have just arrived in this town and I know nothing about it. Thankfully, we found my apartment and a little store so I could buy some food. I didn't leave the apartment the whole time Terry was gone...I was too scared to venture out on my I lived on bananas and cookies for 2 days. Oh well, better than nothing. I was bored to tears, while Terry was getting all kinds of action. Turns out Emma is deathly afraid of doctors. Her medical took 4 hours!! Everything looks really good, though. I was never so happy to see Terry when he got back!

Today has been all kinds of running around for paperwork and a search for food and internet..the 2 things that keep us alive! After tomorrow, things should settle down as we wait for a court date. We will be able to visit Emma for a couple of hours a day. We need to build up the bond so she is ready to come home with us in a few weeks. Now that the goal is in sight, we can't wait!!! But we will still probably be about 4 more weeks or so. All of your messages and emails are wonderful!

For all of you that I have invited to the blog, please be aware that if you have not signed up for a google account, your open invitation will be expiring soon. Please get a google account, or you will not be able to view the blog anymore. Love you all! Thanks for your prayers...they have finally been answered!

Terry and Tara



  2. Hey Terry and Tara,
    I loved reading your blog it was very encouraging to me. We are having problems and pressures here in Africa,it is a constant struggle. I already knew that God would move but your good news came at exactly the right time. I feel encouraged in my heart that God is moving in ways I can not see but He is still moving. Keep praying for us as we keep praying for you. Love you both and just from reading what you wrote I to am totally in love with Emma. God Bless

  3. This is exciting news! And we are so happy for you. I know exactly about the overwhelming feelings when you first see your little one. For us it was two little ones, and our visits with them have been great! Today I cried again when we went to church, because I feel blessed to have met these wonderful children. We are looking forward to court and to going home with them soon. Enjoy your time with your special little angel.