Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Day

We had an interesting evening last night. We were invited to eat dessert with a lady who works at the hotel. She doesn't speak much english, but she was sitting in the staff room with her daughter and her daughter's friends. She saw us walking by and gestured at a cake sitting on the table and invited us to come sit. So we did. This lady's daughter and her friend spoke quite a bit of english so we were able to have a good visit. They asked us several questions about Canada. Also how we liked it here and where we've been in Ukraine. They were very curious about how we've been living without knowing the language. They were quite entertained by our stories of how we order food at restaurants and how we buy food in grocery stores. Terry went on and on about how great Canada was compared to Ukraine...I almost wanted to kick him! But they didn't seem to mind..they were very interested. Then they finally asked us the big question which we've been trying to avoid....why are you here? One thing we didn't mention on the blog yet is that we can't tell anyone in Ukraine why we are here until the kids are legally ours. Most Ukrainians are against foreign adoptions, and they can cause serious problems if they find out you're adopting. We have been advised not to tell anyone because during this 10 day wait, anyone can appeal our adoption. We did tell our new friends, though. Our 10 day wait is practically over and we knew this wouldn't cause a problem. They were actually quite happy to hear that we were adopting. They told us that it's nice when the kids get adopted because they have very little hope staying in the orphanage.

Today the paperchase began again. We are nearing the end of our 10 day wait, so we had to go to court to pick up some documents and then run around to the "tax police" and a notary...all very exciting stuff. Emma is legally ours on Monday and we know we won't run into any problems (objections) because no one has come forward yet and now it's the weekend, so the court is closed. On Monday we will be able to share more information on the blog regarding Emma and her history. Stay tuned....

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