Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!!!!

I can't believe it's been 10 years!!! Who knew back then where we would be now. Well, this will be a very memorable anniversary. We have a little date planned. Yesterday we found a restaurant with an english menu. The waitress did not understand us, but we could just point to what we wanted. It was a little expensive..but worth it. They had the BEST apple yummy! We're going there again tonight. We're also downloading a movie off of itunes, so we can watch it after we are doing dinner and a movie...Ukrainian style! :):)
Thanks to all of you who have been sending us emails and keeping us encouraged. It's nice to know that we are loved and that everyone cares so much. You really keep our spirits up. We know God sent us here to find the right child...and we aren't going to give up.
We've posted some pictures of our apartment. Not pictures of the outside...we didn't want to scare you guys! We like it there. Some things are a little strange. There is no light in the kitchen, so we can only use it during the day. There is no oven, no microwave, no toaster. It doesn't leave us a lot of options for cooking. We are also limited on pots, pans and dishes, but we make due. Our shower is finally fixed, so that's a good thing. It looks like it hasn't been cleaned in years, though. Wish we had some good ol' CLR. We do have a vacuum though.. and it's good. If we could fit it in our luggage, I'd be taking it with me!
You wouldn't believe the number of homeless dogs and cats around is so sad. We were at a bus stop waiting for our trolley yesterday. This cute little doggie was wandering around sniffing everyone's bags and looking up at them. We didn't have any food on us, but some people near us did. They skinned a weiner and ate it, and threw the dog the skin. He was so happy and content! He just laid down at their feet and rested after that. I tried to convince Terry to let us take the dog back to our apartment so we could have a little friend while we're living here...he didn't think it was such a good idea. There are so many dogs and cats around. And the sad thing is, lots of them don't look so healthy. Lots of them limp around. They look very sad.

We just got some great news!!! As we are sitting here typing this, we got a phone call from our facilitator. We got our second appoinment at the adoption center!!! YAHOO!!! It is going to be on Thursday, July 3 at 3:00pm Ukraine time (6 am your time). So we will probably be leaving Donetsk on Wednesday back to Kiev. That's super good news. That's less than a week away. It is totally answered prayer..thanks everyone...keep it up! :):)

OK...back to more stories.
Trolley rides are always an adventure. There is limited seating, so many people have to stand. When you're standing, you really have to be careful. The trolley takes off fairly quickly. If you're not holding on or your legs aren't in the right stance, it is very easy to lose your balance. Well, that happened to me yesterday. I was putting something in my purse when the trolley took off and totally lost my balance. I stumbled backwards and landed on some guys lap!! I felt totally stupid. I said I was sorry (which, of course, he didn't understand) He gave me a not-to-impressed look. Oh well. Terry says the guy probably enjoyed it!

That's about it for today. We are very excited now that we have the news on our next appointment. :):):)

Terry and Tara

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