Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another fun day in Ukraine

Well, we're still on our own in Donetsk. Life has been interesting to say the least.
The first day we were on our own, we went out for some groceries. Like I mentioned before, everyone just stares at us when we speak English. Terry bought some cereal (coco puffs...very healthy) and what he though was milk. It was white liquid in a glass bottle....looked like milk. It was not. It was like a liquid sour cream. Our Ukrainian friends had a good laugh when they came out yesterday and we asked them if it was milk. Thankfully, they took us to a nearby grocery store and showed us what real milk looks like (same bottle...different label) They do not do skim milk here. 2.5% seems to be the lightest milk.
Another funny thing happened yesterday. Our friends showed us how to catch a trolley bus from downtown back to our apartment. They showed us where to get on and told us how many stops until we get off. So, we hopped on...all proud of ourselves for travelling like seasoned Ukrainians. Everything was going fine and dandy until all of a sudden, the driver slams on the brakes and we hear a big commotion up front. The trolley had started on fire. So, we all had to get off the trolley. We were ok, though. We just walked to the next stop and caught a different one. We had to pay the fare over again though. Oh's only 50 kopecks...about a dime in our money.
Now that we've found our way to downtown, we are feeling a little more independant. We still have to do some exploring. We are having a hard time finding restaurants with english menus. They do not have buffets here like there were in Kiev. Here we actually have to order off a menu...pretty hard when you can't read it!! McDonalds has been quite the hang out for us...but I'm getting quite tired of it!
Our apartment is very tiny, but nice. Last night we had a lady come knock on our door. Terry opened it and she started speaking to him in Russian. He tried telling her that he only speaks english...of course, she didn't understand. She motioned for him to follow her, so he did (which totally freaked me out!) Anyway, it turns out she is our downstairs neighbor. She took Terry into her bathroom to show him that water was leaking into her bathroom from our apartment. Our shower was leaking quite badly. So we had to call our facilitator and have her call the landlord so he could come fix it. He was over a few times today. It made for some interesting conversation....lots of charades!! He was very nice, though, and we are crossing our fingers that the shower will be OK to use tomorrow....IF the water is still on. We have been advised that the water will be shut off for a 24 hour period, we just don't know when.
Other than that, we haven't had too many problems.
By the way dad, Donetsk is in the very eastern part of Ukraine. I know our map doesn't show it. We are on the exact opposite side of Ukraine from your family. They live close to Lviv which is the very western part of Ukraine. It would be a 24 hour train ride for us to go see them. But who knows where we'll end up after this.
Our facilitator turned in our petition for a second appointment. She tells us we should hear from the adoption center by the end of next week. Once an appointment is given, we will have to take the train back to Kiev to visit the adoption center again. At that point, we don't know where we'll be travelling. It depends on the location of the orphanage of the child we pick.
Please keep us in prayer. We would like to ge the appointment ASAP. The longer we are here, the harder it gets and the more it will cost. We know everything will happen in God's timing, though.
We are going to search Donetsk for some free internet. Chris was nice enough to do a search for us and found some it's just a matter of us finding those locations so we don't have to pay.

Terry and Tara

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  1. We will continue to pray for you diligently. I walk by your house every day and the neighbors are doing a great job with the mowing! We love you!
    PS- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY!!!!! we will go to the Keg and celebrate for you!