Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Year Ago....

Looks as though there might be a lot of posts titled "One Year Ago..." for the next little while.:)

I just thought that it would be worthwhile to mention that one year ago today, we met Emma for the very first time. It was probably the most exciting, happy, scariest whirlwind of a day in my life!

Summer, so far, has been going OK. It's a little difficult to leave to work every morning, while my two favorite people get to hang out at home. But I am managing. And Terry's doing a great job of being stay-at-home-mom and teacher. It's a little trying on his patience and he reminds me a little of a drill sargent. As far as I can see, he'll have Emma whipped right into shape before school starts in September!
One thing I am really enjoying is my lunch breaks. I come home for lunch everyday to a meal prepared and to great company. I love it! :)

Last weekend, Emma got to experience her first wedding. She was quite excited when I told her that there would be dancing. After arriving, she would ask about every thirty seconds...."Can we dance now? Can we dance now?" It's all she cared about. That, and the pretty white dress that the lovely bride was wearing. If ever there's a day where a little girl starts dreaming about her wedding, that day was Saturday for Emma!

In closing, I just wanted to share a little video of Emma from the wedding. Check out our little mover and shaker.......:)

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