Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our First Date.....Well, Sort of

OK, OK, Terry and I have had about a billion dates in the fifteen years we've been together. But when we returned from Ukraine with Emma, we decided it be best that we spend our time as the "Three Musketeers" until we were satisfied that Emma was truly attached to mom and dad. In the past six months, aside from school, she has only been away from us for a total of about an hour. Had it not been dinner theatre tickets given as a gift to us, we may not yet have gone on a date...... not because we don't think Emma is attached, but because we are enjoying spending our time together. And, well, things are pretty tight right now with me not working. :)

So we gave Emma a couple of days warning about what was going to happen. We explained to her that we would be going out and that Auntie would be coming over to play with her. Her first question (big surprise)...."Why?" And this wasn't an inquisitive kind of "why." This was a whiny, "Why on earth would you want to leave me?" kind of "why." So we explained a few more times over the next couple of days to which Emma would reply, "Mom, you can stay home with me" or "I want to come with you."

I was a little nervous as date time approached and we awaited the arrival of Auntie. I didn't want Emma to be sad or upset when we left (although the fact that she was going to miss us brought me some secret happiness on the inside ;) Well, as soon as Auntie arrived, Emma was jumping up and down excited. Auntie said she would take Emma out for supper. So, instead of "Can I come with you mom and dad?" it was "Can I go with Auntie now?" So off she went. And I'm very glad that she and Emma had a good time together while we were gone. Perhaps Auntie will want to come and do it again sometime. Or perhaps another Auntie is feeling a little jealous and wants a turn! LOL!

Anyways, we had a lovely night out at the dinner theatre. We were there mainly for the buffet (there went the diet for that day!) but the entertainment turned out to be pretty good as well. I thoroughly enjoyed mommy-daddy time!

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